Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Bramlett Family Christmas: From Angel to Zoo

A is for Angel.
No, I'm not making any wild claims, Grace and Emma Kate only portrayed angels in our church Christmas Play. Many, many thanks to the hardworking ladies who directed the play.  They had to work around snow, ice, Christmas events, and not to mention a gaggle of unpredictable children.

B is for Baking.
My granny is known for her baking skills.  Especially around Christmas time.  She allowed the mini chefs and I to bake her awesomely yummy chess squares this year.  I may have taste tested the batter despite warnings of salmonella from Grace.  And, the first batch may have gotten burned due to a hair appointment with the mini chefs turned mini beauticians.  I will say though, that the second batch turned out well.

C is for Cookies.
For Santa of course.

D is for Decorating.
The house, ornaments, packages, cards, furniture (that was not intended for foam stickers and glitter glue).  You name it, we've decorated it.

E is for Eve.
Christmas Eve.  Food, presents, baking cookies, making reindeer food, reading stories, and anticipating Santa.

F is for Family.
Only at Christmas does an entire family try extra hard to all get together.

G is for Granny's house on Christmas Eve.
My mom's side of the family gathers together on Christmas Eve fellowship together and celebrate Christmas.

H is for Home.

I is for Ice.
Ice that covered our walkways and roads on Christmas and stuck around for days.

J is for Jesus' Birthday.
He IS the reason for the season.  Without God's gift of his perfect son, there would be no reason to celebrate.  Without the birthday of all birthdays, there would be no hope.

K is for Kindness to others.

L is for Luke 2.
If you don't know the true story of Christmas, the Bible tells us of Jesus' miraculous birth in Luke 2.  Every time I read it, I marvel at the perfection with which God worked out every detail.  God became flesh and was born into the most humble beginnings so that w all, regardless of background, social status, ethnicity, or imperfections could receive Jesus as our savior.

M is for Mimi and Papa.
Christmas morning after we check out the gifts from Santa and open gifts from each other, Justin, the girls, and I load up for breakfast and present opening with my mom and dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephews.

N is for Nana.
Getting together with my Nana (dad's side of the family) is always fun and interesting with 15 kiddos under 15 years old!

O is for Ornaments.
Baked ornaments, paint, craft glue, sequins.  Need I say more?

P is for Pop and Nanny.
Our Christmas get-together with Justin's dad and mom allowed us to come away with babies who get sick and need to be taken care of.  They even have a portal on their backside where the doctor gives it a shot!

Q is for Quiet night.
Hypothetically that is.  Christmas eve night turned out to be filled with children who wake right in the middle of Santa's visit and stay up coughing most of the night.  Silence and sleep are overrated.

R is for Reindeer food.
Santa's reindeer need nourishment as well!

S is for Santa.
This is the first year that both girls have really been excited about Santa, wanted to see him, anticipated his visit, talked about him, and waited up for him.  The excitement came to an abrupt halt for Emma Kate when she was afraid he was still in our living room on Christmas morning. :)

S is also for sledding!

T is for Twas the Night Before Christmas,
A tradition that started when I was a little girl and we have carried into our little family.  We read Luke 2 and Clement C. Moore's Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve night.

U is for Us.
Our Family.

V is for Visiting.
Visiting with loved ones, visiting stores for last minute gifts, visiting Santa.  Of course, in the south, a white Christmas makes visiting very difficult.

W is for White Christmas.
Christmas 2010 welcomed a once in a lifetime blanket of snow equaling over 5 inches at our house.

X is for eXcited little girls.
They are mine.  All mine.

Y is for young at heart.
There is nothing like seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of your children.  Everything is sparklier, more magnificent, and more special.

Z is for Zoo.
Our house is a zoo.  A zoo that I'm oh so proud to call mine.