Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guilty as Charged

Walls, base boards, rugs, doors, windows, floors, tables, couch.  These are a few of the places I've used a magic eraser on to remove, well, anything the girls choose to use as art medium.  One evening not too long ago, we found a new canvas for a Picasso-in-training.  As I was walking by the refrigerator, I noticed artwork on it's side.  Not a large mural, but just enough for my eye to catch.  Not too far away from the crime scene lay the weapon of choice - a blue Sharpee.

CSI meets NCIS commenced upon our house.  We gathered Prime Suspect #1 and Prime Suspect #2 for questioning and an experiment.  The suspects were given the Sharpee (with the cap on), and told to pretend to draw on the fridge.  Lo and behold, one of the suspects "drew" at the same height as the evidence.  The other suspect "drew" too high.  Prime Suspect #2 became the only suspect.  She denied it, "No, I did not dwaw on the fwidge."  She passed the buck, "Gwace did it."  She adamantly shook her head.

Now, at this point, I had a flash back to my childhood when, as we were putting up the Christmas tree, my parents discovered where someone had written "WWF" on our bathroom wall.  We couldn't continue with the tree until the guilty party owned up to it.  Everyone knew who had done it (and it wasn't the fru fru girl child).  We begged my brother to confess.  Finally, after what felt like 4 months, my brother either confessed or my parents decided it wasn't worth leaving Christmas tree limbs and decorations all over the living room floor.  Either way, this event has been ingrained in my mind.

Fast forward back to the present.  After many interrogation techniques, getting on an eye to eye level with her, and using our disappointed tones, Emma Kate threw her arms around my neck and through tears cried "I'm sowy!"  Apparently, she's not as much of a hardened criminal as she tries to portray.

The Guilty Party: