Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Lovin', Had Me a Blast

Kids, Summer time is the most magical time of year to this teacher mama.  I love summer because of the heat, the lack of routine, the way everything seems to be about whimsy and a little bit slower pace.  But most of all, I love summer because it is over 2 months of us being together every day - deciding what we want to do, and doing it at our own fancy.  This summer, we spent most days at the pool, but Grace and Emma Kate went to cheerleading camp and took swim lessons.  We also went to Pigeon Forge with Mimi.  We watched fireworks, had cook outs, and PLAYED!

Spring Break 2012

This year during Spring Break, our whole family rented a house right outside Disney World.  We had a blast minus the bazillion hours it took to drive down.  We visited Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Coco Beach, and Animal Kingdom.  Pictures are worth way more than words: