Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lions, and tigers, and bears.  Oh MY!

Okay, maybe not so much of lions.  Or tigers.  Or bears.  But, definitely elephants, and wart hogs, and zebras.  Our trip to Zoo Atlanta with Mimi was planned with leisure in mind.  And then summer temperatures and southern humidity collided.  So it was more like take in as much as we could handle before melting.  We did manage to scope out some pretty cool animals and a couple of fun rides before the heat got the better of us and at least one of us threw a temper tantrum.

Here's a picture walk through our zoo-rific day.

You know the pink animals were loved by a certain sassy princess.

Hakuna Matata!

The 3 year old knows more about meerkats than necessary thanks to The Animal Planet.

Lunch time!

Watching the giraffes was one of the dozen or so times we had to reassure Emma Kate, the scaredy cat, that the animals would not hurt her.

Not the zebra's best side, but he was not up for my posing suggestions.

Posing with Willie B.  Who remembers the REAL Willie B?  Please ignore the sign behind us that says to stay off the statue...

Tired Mama who had recently given birth, nurturing her newborn.  

Hammin' it up

The pandas looked so snuggly!

In the petting zoo.  This was as close as Emma Kate would get to any of the animals for fear of them hurting her.  *Sigh*

"This one kinda stinks!"

Ready for the train ride!  And, also right before the little boy in front of us chunked his empty slushy cup out of the train.  Before I even realized it, I had given him my "Mama Eye" and he and his friend didn't move the entire train ride.

Waiting patiently... But, don't let it fool you.  This was mere minutes before the tantrum inside was unleashed.  She may look passive, but the girl is packing some serious attitude!

Thank you, Mimi for such wonderful summer memories!

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