Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Business of Being Cute

Kids say the darndest things, right?  Here are a few recent "isms" I've remembered to write down over the last few months.  Most are from Grace since Emma Kate has only recently begun talking really well, but EK is quickly becoming the witty motormouth her sister is.

Grace jumped out of bed and proclaimed that she was wearing her black ballet slippers and pink tutu literally a millisecond after opening her eyes.  After getting dressed, she was dancing around on her toes and had the following announcement.
     "Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the beautiful ballerinas of the world.  The first ballerina is GRAAACE!"

Grace: "I can't read this.  I don't have my glasses on."
   Somebody's been around glasses wearing grandparents. :)

I love the cute way bitties say things.  Emma Kate has trouble mixing up the s and f sound.  She switches them all the time.  She wears "fox" on her "seat" (socks on her feet).  And, likes to eat "foup" with a "foon" (soup with a spoon).

Grace's Somebody Phase:
"Somebody's not doing what they're supposed to."
"Somebody went outside and left somebody and now somebody is really mad!"

Grace to Me: "Happy Mother's Day!  Whatcha get me?"
Justin: "Well, this is the day we celebrate mothers.  You'll get a present when you have a baby."
Grace:  "Ummm... I have lots of babies"
     Hard to argue with her on that one.

Emma Kate is a southern girl.  She says "caw-uh" for car and "paw-uk" for park.

Me: "Grace, go clean the play room."
Grace: "I can't.  Cleaning makes me sweaty, and Princesses do NOT sweat."

Emma Kate has recently begun looking to Grace for comfort.  Walking out of the doctor's office at Emma Kate's 2 year checkup after she received 2 shots: "Dat hut me, Gwaaaace."

Grace's cousin, Cole was telling her about Spider Man and other "boy stuff" and Grace said in her best diva-that-can't-be-bothered voice, "Oh, Cole, Princesses don't like bad stuff."

and my all time favorite...

Grace in a frantic voice: "I don't want to be a princess!  I want to be the QUEEN!"

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