Monday, September 12, 2011

A Birth Day Letter

Dear Reece,

Today is your birth day.  There are many birthday celebrations to come, but today is special because it is your official birth day - the day you were born.  We will only have one of these, and I will cherish these moments forever.  As I sit and look at you, only a few hours old, I am still in shock that you are here.  Not only because you decided you would make your debut nearly 3 weeks early, but because we have planned for you, longed for you, and prayed for you for what seems like so long.  To finally see the face we have thought so much about leaves me in awe.  To have you here safe in my arms is an answer to prayer.  You are a miracle, a wonder of God.

I'm trying oh so hard to soak in every detail of your perfect little face.  I know that even tomorrow, you will have changed, and in the days and weeks to come, you will grow, fill out, and shed the freshness that radiates from you on this day.  Taking in your little button nose, the shape of your brow, the perfection of your lips, fingers, and toes, brings tears to my eyes.  I love the picture the Bible paints of creation.  God spoke into existence the sky, waters, mountains, and animals.  All he had to do was breathe a word, and it happened.  He could have done this with man as well, but the Bible tells us that he formed man.  With His own hands, God made man in His own image.  You, precious Baby Boy, were formed by God's own hands.  I can almost see His fingerprints along your perfectly round head and trace them from your sweet full cheeks to your tiny toes.  What a good job He did creating your perfect little body and soul.

Today begins a new journey.  We have gone through the last nine months as one, you and I.  Though we shouted your impending arrival from the rooftops, only I could feel every movement, every hiccup.  But today, I get to share you with the world.  We began a brand new journey in the wee hours of this morning.  A journey I am so excited to embark on.  The journey of life with my little boy.

This journey is filled with the unknown.  We have no idea what your strengths and weaknesses will be, what your likes and dislikes will be.  We don't know what things will make you let out belly laughs, cause nervous butterflies, or incite fear, anger, joy, or delight.

But, there are some things I can promise about life's journey.  I promise that we will have wonderful times as well as disappointing times.  I promise that we will go through each of these times together.  I promise that I will make you mad, embarrass you, lecture you, and cause a few slammed doors.  I promise that I will ask you where you're going, what time you will get home, and who you will be with.  I promise that I will want to know every detail of every school day.

I promise that I will do everything I can to help you grow into a confident, compassionate, and secure boy.  I promise that I will smother you with kisses every chance I get.  I promise that I will care about you, be interested in you, and pray for you.  I promise that I will love you with every inch of my soul and every fiber of my being.  I promise that I will always be your mama, and you will always be my little boy.

Happy birth day, my delicious baby boy.  I love you more than you will ever know.


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