Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reece - Third and Fourth Quarters

Dear Reece (and Grace and Emma Kate),

I haven't blogged in a while.  I've been busy.  We've been busy.  Busy growing, busy going places, busy doing things, busy being a family.  I've been stressing myself out because I haven't been writing letters each month and documenting things as soon as they happen.  I've been writing down milestones as they happen, otherwise, I know I will get confused, time gets muddled.  But, the flowery letters haven't happened.  Sometime last week, as I was stressing myself out about all I haven't done, a thought occurred to me.  You need more than an up to date baby book.  Yes, you and your sisters need more.  More than you need a mama who prepares meals, or needs a clean-ish home, even more than you need a mama who takes you swimming, or does fun crafts, or leads dance parties in the kitchen, you three need a Godly mama.  You need a mama who spends time reading God's word, talking to God, teaching you how to talk to God, and leading by example.  Being Mama to you three precious souls is the most important task I will ever have.  A task pre-destined for me by God.  A task that I treasure.

This letter is a wrap-up of the second half of your first year.  No, your first year isn't up yet - thank goodness!  But, as your sweet sister #2 was playing on my phone, she deleted several other notes and some pictures, so I figured things better get documented before this note was "thrown in the trash can" too.  Lots has happened, so get ready!

6 month accomplishments:
Giving kisses
Getting upset when things are taken away
Sitting up really well

At 6 months you like:
sweet potatoes and all fruit
musical toys
being held

7 month accomplishments:
Your first visit to meet Micky Mouse
1st time swimming
sitting up on your own from laying down
 waving bye-bye
1st tooth
1st popsicle

At 7 months you like:
watching your sisters
splashing in the bath tub
being outside

8 month accomplishments:
2nd tooth
1st cookie
Table foods are about half your meals
Slept through the night 1 time (and 1 time only)
Pulling up

At 8 months you like:
mashed potatoes
musical toy
cars and trucks

9 month accomplishments:
sipping through straw
standing alone
eating all table foods

At 9 months you like:
walk behind toys
waking me up every 2 hours during the night
getting in your sisters' toys

10 month accomplishments:
pushing toys across the floor and making car noises
bopping to music

At 10 months you like:
 cars and trucks
food - we having found one you don't like
stuffed animals
our kittens

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