Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello, Sunshine!

I just found this post in my list of drafts that I forgot to publish.  The pictures are from back in February.  Ehhh, a little late, but that's certainly not a surprise for those who know me well!

After a winter as cold and snowy as this one, when it was warm and sunny a couple of weeks ago, it was like welcoming back an old friend.  While the daddy was golfing, the girls and I didn't waste time getting outside either.  We took our sweet dog Millie for a walk and really soaked up the sun.  Too bad it only lasted the weekend before the snow was back!  Here are some pictures from our outing.

The 3 girls

Lovin' from Millie

Millie, Our 7 month old Vizsla

Millie trying to get in the stroller with Emma Kate.  Emma Kate was not game!

These make nice seats.

Don't you wish you could run as freely as this sometimes?

My sunshines

The sneaky look is because I was telling her to come here, but she has discovered her sassy side.

I love this one.  Grace was in the middle of telling herself some great tale about who knows what.  Sometimes I think she's going to be a great novelist with the way she can spin tales as she goes.

I can't wait for sum-sum-summer time when the sunshine will stay longer and we can be outside even more!

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