Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't Blink

I have 2 little girls.  No, no.  I know that I've had 2 daughters for 20 months, but now it's different.  They have officially turned into little girls.

One of the most common words of advice given to parents-to-be is to not blink.  It's hard to remember that tidbit in the moment.  You usually don't remember it until the realization sets in that you did blink and realize all that happens in a blink.

In a blink, Grace's time as a baby ended and she became a little lady.

In a blink, Emma Kate's handful of words spoken turned into a full fledged vocabulary that she uses to express her feelings, tell you about her day, and carry on a conversation.

In a blink, Grace and Emma Kate began playing along side one another.  It makes my heart melt to watch them cook at their play kitchen, put together puzzles, and play with their babies.

In a blink, Grace started sleeping in her big girl bed.  I know that it was definitely time, but looking back, that precious time of snuggling all night passes by too quickly.

In a blink, Emma Kate decided that being told "no" by anyone including her sister or her parents was "meeeaan."

In a blink, the sounds coming from the backseat went from cries and snarls to songs about Jesus, sunshine, and puffer bellies.  If you don't know what a puffer belly is, I highly recommend checking out the song "Down by the Station."  It's Emma Kate's favorite which she demands every night at bedtime.  The whole family has to sing it to her.  If her subtle requests for "Puff" don't make all of us chime in, a resounding "PUFF!!!" is sure to do the trick.  This part of our bed time routine where all 4 of us are singing together is one I definitely don't want to blink through.

In a blink, the tattling master changed hands.  Emma Kate's first tattle occurred this week and went something like this:
Emma Kate: "Mimeout."
Me: "You need to go to timeout?"
Emma Kate: "No, Dwace mimeout."
Me: "Why does Grace need to go to timeout?"
Emma Kate: "Meeeeaaaannn."

In a blink, the scary world I entered of being mama to 2 under 2 passed me by and I am now mama to 2 little girls.  I blinked without realizing it, and now I'm trying to soak in each day before these too pass by and I am mama to 2 big girls.

*All photos in this post taken by Nichol Engle Photography


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. Wait until you have one in your old prom dress for the 8th grade ball. I blinked. :)

  2. love your sweet mama wisdom, Laura! and PLUEEASE tell me where those dresses are from! They are adorable!

  3. Ginger - I read your CW ball post. Precious!

    Alison - Thank you! Last year's clearance rack at Strasburg. They run big so I'm expecting another year out of them too!