Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh Sweet Summer

I meant to post about our summer time fun earlier, but between me nesting like a mad woman, returning to work, settling back into a routine, oh, and having a baby, it just never got done. Better late than never, right?

Summer is my favorite time of year. For us it means Mama's off from work for a couple of months, no one has school, and routine is thrown out the window.

Summer means bed time is later, wake up time = snuggle time, and naps all around whenever we feel like it. Summer means pajamas all day, or practically nothing all day.

Summer means popsicles are an essential, cartoons at any hour, and painted toenails are a nessessary accessory.  It means we can go wherever we please or nowhere at all.

And summer time means swim time! It means even the 17 months pregnant mama gets to beat the heat donned in a bathing suit by the pool. It means splish and splash are part of our daily vocabulary.  It means floaties, sunscreen, and beach towels go with us everywhere. It means little girls work off their energy by swimming endlessly back and forth, back and forth.

I'm always sad to see summer end because it means work, and routine, and having to choose between more than which color bathing suit to wear. But, the end of this summer means our routine gets interrupted once more with the arrival of Baby Boy!

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