Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reece - 1 month old

Dear Reece,

You turned one month old on September 21, 2011.  If this first month is any indication of how quickly your first year will go, then I don't even want to think about it.  This first month has been challenging at times - namely the times involving sleep deprivation, but it has also been wonderful.  You have fit into our family perfectly, and I can't imagine our family without you.

Precious Reece, you have reminded me what freshly bathed baby skin feels like and how rewarding it feels to provide nourishment and comfort to such an innocent soul.  We are learning what each of your cries means, how you like to be held, and how picky you are about what I eat. :)

This month, you have already had a lot happen!  We came home from the hospital when you were a day old.  The first evening, we had lots of visitors, though I'm not sure how much they got to hold you since they had to compete with your sisters.  That first night, you woke every 3 hours to eat, then fell right back asleep.

Your first car ride, which was home from the hospital was flawless.  You seem to love riding and your curious little eyes seem to try to see all you can.

Your cord fell off at 6 days old, and you got to take your first tub bath.  You weren't quite sure what to think of it, but as long as we let the warm water trickle over you, you were a happy camper.  Of course the big sisters helped with that bath, and pretty much every once since. :)

At one month old, you have pretty much set your own schedule.  You wake about 7:00 each morning, eat about every 3 hours, and are ready for bed at around 8:00 or 8:30 each night.  You are sleeping for about 4 hours at a time at night, so you and I make our trips to the living room twice each night, and though my eyes
are heavy and my body is tired, I cherish these quiet moments shared by just the two of us.

Your arrival has taught us how limitless sibling love is.  I thought by now the enchantment you seemed to hold over your big sisters when you were first born would have surely worn off by now.  But, the reality is that Grace and Emma Kate become more smitten with you by the day.  They are still just as eager to greet you from your naps, hold you, kiss you, and show you off.  They are just as proud of you as Daddy and I are.  I hope one day you will realize how lucky you are to have them as your big sisters.

You are such a good baby.  You love to be snuggled and talked to.  We are all so in love with you, and are so thankful that God blessed us with you.  Happy one month!


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