Monday, October 24, 2011

Emma Kate - Three

Dear Emma Kate,

Your third birthday is finally here.  I say finally because it's all you talked about for the last month.  "My buf-day's nevah gonna get he-ah!" you proclaimed more than once.  Time dragged by for you as you waited for your birthday.  Finally is not the word I would use to describe the journey to your birthday from my perspective.  No, from where I sit, these three years feel more like three minutes.

The night you were born was very emotional.  I was excited to meet our second daughter, but I was also unsure.  Unsure how I could possibly love another as much as I loved your sister.  Sure, I had been told how love multiplies, and really, I knew they were right.  But I just wasn't sure how.  What if I couldn't?  And then I met you.  The instant you were laid on my chest, I remember taking in so many things: the sound of your cry, your head full of black hair, your plump cheeks.  But mostly I remember soaking up the feeling of all the uncertainty melting away and being replaced by a love just as strong, just as deep.  My Baby Girl, in 3 years, the memories we've made and the moments we've shared have only made that love intensify.

In these 3 years, you have gone from a passive, quiet baby tagging behind her big sister to a vivacious, funny, mischievous, loving little girl who is no longer content to always tag along.  You, my dear, did not come out of your shell.  You busted out with neon lights and a bull horn.

You love to laugh.  You see humor in every situation, and use it to your advantage when the mischievous side of you comes out.  Just when you are about to get in major trouble, you make a funny face, or serve up an "I love you" in a drawl that would make Scarlett O'Hara jealous.  And, mischief combined with the terrible twos means you have gotten to try out your skills almost daily.

One thing that has remained constant with your personality is your sweetness.  You love to snuggle, tickle noses (eskimo kisses), dish out bear hugs, and more or less be my marsupial.  You love to help me around the house, especially when Grace is at school.

This year, you have grown to love doctor shows - the bloodier, the better.  Your favorite color is still orange, but pink and aqua are climbing the ranks.  Ketchup and french fries are your favorite food.  Sweets are considered a major food group with brownies being your favorite.  You love to read, play with baby dolls, and wear skirts.  Snow White is your favorite princess, and you aspire to be her when you grow up.

Your greatest obsessioin: babies.  Girlfriend, there hasn't been a dirty diaper that has deterred you from sticking close to any baby you know.  You were destined to be a big sister.  The arrival of Reece has confirmed that.  You and Grace both love to help with baths, gather diaper supplies, hold him, and more or less hover over him to be sure not to miss a hiccup or a blink and let me know the nanosecond he starts to cry.  It is the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed.

Now that you are "fwee" you say you are a big girl.  You say that means getting to wear earrings and hold Reece standing up.  We'll start with the earrings for now. :)  Apparently though, being "fwee" is not too big to be held like a baby, as you request daily.  And it is not too big to need your mama's hand when you feel shy.  "Fwee" is definitely not too big for tickling noses.

My big "fwee" year old girl, I hope you continue to laugh through life, and that the laughs outnumber the tears. I hope you meet new experiences head on and know that you can lean on your family whether those experiences turn out just how you expected, or not.  I hope, dear Emma Katherine, that you know how special you are, realize your worth, and settle for nothing less than what you deserve.

Thank you for a terrific three years.

Love, Mama

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