Monday, November 21, 2011

Reece - 3 months old

Dear Reece,

Another blink, another month.  I've got to learn how to eliminate blinking.  Then maybe time will slow down just a bit.  You turned 3 months old today, and I think about how much you've changed in the last month.  At the beginning of your third month, it was as if you suddenly woke up and your personality really started revealing itself.  I think you needed some time to recover from your whirlwind entry into the world.  Or maybe it was the chaos that we brought you home to...  Either way, at the start of this month, your eyes suddenly became brighter, more focused.  Those smiles that were not delivered without deliberation began flowing freely.  And the coos and goos that greet us now are heart melting and bring tears to my eyes on a regular basis.

This month, we visited the pumpkin patch and celebrated your first Halloween.  And, I've been doing some celebrating as you sleep about 8 hours at night.  Now, the past few nights, since my maternity leave ended, you've been waking an extra time during the night.  I'm betting it's because you've missed me so much during the day.  If that's the reason, then I really don't mind it. :)

You've maintained your "up for the day at 7:00 am, bed time at 8:00 pm" routine.  You are such a good baby, and as long as you're tummy is full, diaper is dry, and body is snuggled, you are a happy camper.  It makes my heart swell 1 million times when your fussiness is quietened the minute you're snuggled in my arms.

Your big sisters continue to be infatuated with you.  I can't wait to see the look on their faces when you return that affection.

Baby Boy, Here's to a quarter of a year of YOU!


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