Monday, November 21, 2011

Reece - 2 months old

Dear Reece,

You turned 2 months old on October 21, 2011.  As I write this, you are actually almost 3 months old.  On one hand, that makes me feel like I've been slacking, but on the other hand, time seems to be passing so quickly that I can't possibly keep up.  It feels like yesterday that we were bringing you home, but at the same time, it feels like you've always been here.  Ahhh, chalk up my ramblings to being a sentimental mama.  I promise I'll try to keep them to a minimum when you're old enough to be embarrassed by them.  I also promise you'll understand them when you're old enough to get over that embarrassment.

Your second month was filled with more firsts.  When you were 5 weeks old, you went to church for the first time.  At 6 weeks old, you attended your first party - Emma Kate's birthday.  You actually rolled over for the first time (tummy to back) at 4 weeks, but I wasn't convinced that it wasn't a fluke because 4 weeks is too soon for my baby to start meeting milestones like rolling over, but alas, you proved that roll was the first of many.

You made us wait until you were 7 weeks old to see your first real smile.  Let me assure you that seeing your little mouth spread in that precious grin was well worth the wait.  Most of the time, your smile comes out of only one side of your mouth.  At 2 months old, you are still pretty reserved with your smiles and seem to be a serious little man.

Little Man.  That's one of our nick names for you.  Way more often than Reece, you get called Little Man, Reecie P, or Baby Boy.  Or something preceded by sweet, precious, or handsome.  Whatever we call you, know that it is laced with love.  2 months of unimaginable, indescribable love.


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