Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Top 12 of 2012

1. The Littles' First Trip to the Beach
In April when our family went to Disney World, we spent one day at the beach.  It was the first time 30 little toes had been sunk in sand, the first time 3 little mouths tasted salt water, the first time we got to hear the shrieks of our Littles as they enjoyed the ocean.

2.  Emma Kate's Idol Came to Life
It's no secret Emma Kate has had a fascination with Snow White since she first heard of princesses.  So, when she learned we were going to Disney World, her number 1 goal became talking to the "real" Snow White.  The look of awe on EK's face when Snow White put her arm around her was well worth the dehydration that nearly occurred as a result of waiting in line.

3. Grace's Broken Arm
When Grace fell on her arm at tumbling and barely made a whimper, I thought, okay, let's get that baby iced, wrapped, and rested.  When we got home and I could see the angle her elbow jutted out, I thought, a broken arm, that's okay.  Not our first rodeo.  When the ER doc told us we needed to transfer to a children's hospital because it would need surgery, I felt my first streak of panic.  My baby was going to need surgery??  Anesthesia??  But, Grace handled it like a pro.  She barely shed a tear throughout the entire process.  As long as she was informed of what was happening at each step in the process, she was able to deep breathe her way through.  And, when she woke up with an arm plastered in pink sparkles, she smiled and wanted to know if she could get to school in time for the Earth Day parade.  I am so proud of this brave girl that I get to call my daughter.  Someone needs to remind her she's only 5 though and tell her to stop growing so fast.

4.  Reece Learned to Walk
At a mere 10 months old, our Baby Boy took off, and hasn't slowed down since!

5.  Littles 1 and 2 Learned to Swim
Grace and Emma Kate have always loved the water.  Swimming without floaties came fairly easy last summer through swim lessons.  Ms. Myra taught them how to blow bubbles so that water wouldn't get up their noses, swim, dive, and be safe in the water.

6.  Daisy and Toby
It's no secret that I am not an animal person.  It's not that I dislike them, it's just that I don't really get into them.  But, a friend giving us 2 itty bitty cutie pie kittens changed that.  Grace came up with their names - Daisy and Toby.  The girls love them with a capital L.O.V.E.  And, Reece is intrigued, but only on his own terms.  Apparently, we are animal people after all.

7.  Grace Started Kindergarten
One of my favorite parts of being a teacher - getting to take my daughter with me to school every day.

8.  Reece Turned a Year Old
How did this happen??

9.  Emma Kate Started Preschool
Finally her turn!  Emma Kate has been waiting to start school ever since Grace got her first back pack.  She goes 2 mornings a week to a Mother's Morning Out Preschool, and loves every second!

10.  Grace Learned to Read
She knew all her letters, etc. when kindergarten started, and could tell you the first sound in words, but she now just picks up books and runs with it!  I am so excited that this new world has been opened up to her!

11.  Halloween
We had our very own Wizard of Oz cast for Halloween this year.

12.  Christmas
Once again, we had a magical Christmas getting together with family, spoiling each other with presents and food, and most importantly - celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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