Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Mine

Valentine's Day just passed and I'm sure all of us were hugging our valentines and stocking up on chocolate.  Oh wait, maybe that last one is just me...

Anyway, in honor of Valentine's Day, here are a few of the little and not so little things I love.

I love my God.  I am continuously amazed by all the ways God provides for us.  I am thankful that He is in control.

I love Grace's desire to be as fru fru as possible.  Even though she insists on a dress every day, and she tells me my hair doesn't look pretty in a pony tail, and thinks pink is the only color in the rainbow, and even though I am certain I'm paying for my raising, I love the girly girl in Grace.  Fancy Nancy aint got nothin' on Miss Sassy Pants!

I love the way Emma Kate is starting to give Miss Sassy Pants a run for her money.  I love the way a resounding "BEEP BEEP!" is heard if anyone is blocking Emma Kate's way.  And I have to admit, the kid in me giggled when Grace ended up in the floor after Emma Kate pulled her off the ride along toy Santa brought.

I love the little things Justin does.  Like when he fixes me something to drink while I'm feeding Emma Kate, or starts my car on cold mornings.  I love the patience he has with Grace and Emma Kate.

I love that our families live close by, and they are such an integral part of our lives.

I love that even though my girls argue over toys and some days they seem to fight more than anything else, they really love each other.  I love how they want to hold hands all the time and help each other.

I love being a teacher at Valentine's Day.  What other profession are you given that much chocolate as gifts and given a free pass to eat it?

I love my little Eskimo boots I got for Christmas.  And, what a perfect winter to wear knee high boots covered in fur!

I love the dimple in Grace's chin, the curl of Emma Kate's hair, the way Grace says "actually" every other sentence, and the way Emma Kate pretends to jabber on the phone and read books.  I love when Grace says "I love you" unprompted and when Emma Kate snuggles and throws her chubby little arms around my neck.  I love Grace's big tales and the way Emma Kate seems to gobble like a turkey when she gets mad.  I love to listen to my girls pray and sing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, got to spend time with your Valentine, reflected on the little things you love, and cheated just a little bit on that New Year's diet to enjoy some chocolate. :)

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