Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Luh Ooh"

Happy 16 months to my sweet Emma Kate!  It's so hard to believe that nearly a year and a half ago Grace became a big sister and our number of babies doubled!  It has been so fun to watch Emma Kate change from a baby to a little girl almost over night and witness the love between 2 sisters.

Emma Kate's latest developments have mostly been verbal, but there are a couple of physical developments to speak of.  Toddling and stumbling have given way to running and climbing.  It's so funny when Emma Kate runs around the living room furniture joining in a game of choo-choo train with Grace and Daddy or more often, running to escape the clutches of her big sister.  Her little legs seem to be moving a mile a minute, but only going a few inches forward at a time.  And, she tries to climb on everything.  And I do mean everything!  I'm sure she would be much more successful at this feat if her legs were longer.  The little peanut is built like her mama in the height department. :)

It amazes me what little minds can absorb.  Emma Kate can understand most directions, if not always follow them, and gets highly offended if Grace tries to beat her in completing a task she's been assigned.  For example, when Emma Kate needs a diaper change, we ask her to get the diaper, wipes, and diaper cream from the credenza.  Her process is to get one item at a time.  If Grace gets impatient and tries to help her, the toddler in Emma Kate emerges.  Oh yes, the stomping of feet, flailing of arms, screeching at the top of lungs, and throwing one's self on the floor have begun.  Let me reiterate my affirmation from an earlier post - the terrible 2's are not courteous enough to wait until the 2nd birthday (and they are going to need to make a quick departure if they are to end by the 3rd birthday as Grace turns 3 in a matter of weeks)!

Emma Kate's verbal skills are multiplying daily.  Much of what she says sounds like a language from a remote African tribe, and she expects you to understand every word and give an appropriate response.  But, the number of real words and phrases is growing too quickly to keep count as well.  One of the cutest is an exchange between Papa and his girls.  As an ode to the old Jeremiah Johnson movie quote, Papa frequently bids adieu with "Watch your top-knot" to which Grace replies "Yorn too."  Emma Kate has decided to join in on the fun and will often say "Knot-knot...tooooo."  You can only imagine Papa's pride.  My most recent favorite - "I love you."  It actually comes out "Luh ooh," but it is heart melting to hear that sweet phrase and feel those little chubby arms around your neck.  Just ask the big tough men in her life. :)  Emma Kate's love for showing affection is incessant and I hope she will always be that free with it.

What a wonderful 16 months it has been to be Mama to 2 sisters who fuss, tease, and reluctantly share, but always begin and end the day with a hug for each other.  I am so thankful to serve a God who has blessed me with this opportunity.

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