Thursday, April 8, 2010


Emma Kate just turned 18 months old.  It's so hard to believe that one and a half years have gone by since she was born.  Since our number of kids doubled.  Since Grace became a big sister.  Since our world became sweeter and snugglier.

Before Emma Kate arrived, I worried that no child could shine enough to compete with Grace.  Grace is so vivacious and witty.  That saying about breaking the mold definitely applies to Miss Sassy.  I can't believe that up until a year and a half ago, I had heard about the multiplication of love, but didn't truly believe it.  Emma Kate proved that a mold of a different kind was broken when she was created.  Where Grace's conversation skills and sass make her shine, Emma Kate's affection and sheer sweetness brought a new kind of sun.  It didn't take me long to realize that there was no competition.  My girls are stars of their own unique shows.

It's hard to put into words just how sweet Emma Kate is.  Let's just say though that she has the ability to make grown men crumble with a single word or smile.  Just ask her daddy, Papa, Pop, and uncles.  With her head cocked sideways and a sugary "Peeeese," this girl can get whatever her heart desires.  And, her reciprocating "taint-yooou" is enough to make you want to give it to her over and over again.  She's polite too.  A "taint-yooou" follows each request granted.

A hug from Emma Kate feels like all troubles are lifted.  Those soft, little arms are always ready to give a squeeze.  There are few things sweeter than seeing Grace and Emma Kate hug each other or hold hands.  One hand slender, one hand chubby, grasping on to one another.  I hope they will always hold tight to one another.

She is as sensitive as she is sweet.  A stern look is just about all it takes to deter Emma Kate from doing something she's not supposed to do.  If a look doesn't do it, a stern word is sure to send her into snubbing, face covering, and a need to be reassured with loving arms and words.  On the other extreme, when Grace gets in trouble, she immediately starts telling you why her actions were justified and why you should agree with her stance.  Oh, they compliment each other well.  I think Justin and I are going to be in trouble when these 2 figure out how to work together on this. :)

Though, don't think for a second that Emma Kate can't hold her own!  Quite the opposite.  As she neared 18 months, the temper tantrums ensued.  Think screaming, back arching, head shaking, and limbs flailing.  Concluded with a hug no less! :)  Grace can't quite get away with her role as dictator these days.  Toys don't get taken away without a fight anymore.  And, sometimes, it's Emma Kate serving as the taker rather than the take-ee.  You know how you hear it's the quiet ones you have to worry about?  Let's just say quiet = sneaky.  Emma Kate knows to get something of Grace's, she has to quietly grab it and then run as fast as her little legs will carry her.  The strike and run strategy also applies to hitting, hair pulling, and pushing.

Also as she's turned a year and a half, Emma Kate is putting words together to make sentences.  On Monday, I told her to put something in the play room and she replied, "I will!"  I love the progression of language.  I know most people wouldn't notice, but hearing her talk every day, I can hear new sounds daily.  Last week, car was "cah."  This week, it's "caw-uh"  Last week, she said Daddy as "Da-da."  This week, it is full fledged "Daddy."  For a while, she has pronounced Grace as "Day."  Recently though, it has turned into "Dwace."  It's so cute!  I think my favorite recent word is help.  It comes out as a slow southern drawl with quadruple the number of syllables it needs.  Think "It's shake n bake and I helped."

As Emma Kate leaves behind the baby stage, she's loving baby dolls, books, Elmo, and tea parties.  It's incredible to think that a year ago, rattles, teethers, and bright lights rocked her toy world.  Now, she's moved on to imaginative play and cooperative play with her big sister.  It's amazing, scary, and exciting to think about how quickly our baby has turned into a toddler.  I can't believe we're almost to the 2nd birthday!  It's sure to only get sweeter!

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