Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

I am a planner.  I get a rush out of making lists, going over plans on paper and in my head, and executing plans.  Sometimes, plans go just the way I expected.  Sometimes though, since I'm a busy mama of 2 even busier girls, they take a completely different turn.  Easter was no exception.  As with any event, I had planned, planned, and planned.  And, when Easter weekend arrived... life took over.

I planned on making potato salad and yummy cheese cake bars for our church egg hunt.  I ended up taking chocolate chip cookies and Chex Mix.

I planned on arriving at the egg hunt in a carefully planned outfit and tanned legs.  I ended up throwing on a skirt and a shirt that didn't quite lay right over streaky legs that were a result of applying self tanner in the dark.

I planned on cute pictures of still girls posing with their Easter baskets, but in reality, I chased around the girls snapping what I could.  These pictures turned out pretty cute anyway. :)

I planned on  the girls running into the living room checking out the loot from the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning.  I actually spent the morning cleaning up vomit.

I planned on Grace and Emma Kate getting to wear the Easter dresses I'd so carefully ironed and laid out, but they ended up spending the morning in their pajamas.  See previous plan.

I planned on church and lunch with my family, but the broccoli casserole and brownies I prepared were eaten at home by us while we were quarantined.

We did finally get to wear those outfits the next Sunday.

I planned  on a lot of things, and despite those plans not working out, Easter was wonderful.  I got to spend the holiday with the ones I love praising the God who saves.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Your mom told me I would find you here; I didn't know you were in Blogland! Come visit me over at
    Interrupted plans...that is THE plan when you're a mom! :)

  2. Hi Ginger! I just checked out your blog also - love your writing style!