Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

You know those houses with picture perfect decorations?  The ones that will break if break if breathed upon, are fingerprint-less, and are perfectly placed?  Yeah, that's not mine.  Nope, my house was decorated with the help of a couple of master pint-sized designers.

This is the first year that both Grace and Emma Kate are REALLY into Christmas.  When I brought the first box of decorations out, they squealed with delight.  They are super possessive of their stockings and are in awe of the nativity, lights, wreath, garland, and everything else Christmas related!

Our trees may have clumps of ornaments in places, the presents may have been used as foot stools and chairs on a couple of occasions, and my new Christmas platter may have been drawn on with a permanent marker.  But, my children have taken ownership of the decorations and couldn't be prouder to take all who enter through our front door on a tour, explaining the decorating process each and every time.

Come on in and take a peek.

On second thought, it is perfect.  Perfect for my family.

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