Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Star is Born

We are those parents.  Those that attend their child's school Christmas play with video camera and point and shoot camera in hand.  The parents with the pew full of family that can't wait to see said child's break out performance.  The parents with the younger child belting out Christmas songs all throughout the program.  Yup, we are those parents.

The preschool program, Love Came Down at Christmas, was rescheduled a handful of times (no, literally a whole handful of times) thanks to snow and ice.  After hearing the lyrics to the songs for weeks, anticipating Grace's performance as Mary, and explaining to a disappointed Grace that the program had been rescheduled yet again, we were so glad to finally see this sweet little play.

Grace gave us a little wave when she came out, and then it was all business.  She walked over to her spot, laid Baby Jesus in his manger, sat in her spot with her little legs crossed, and sang each song.  I wonder if a mother has laid her baby in a manger with such care and pride since Mary, mother of Jesus.  I'm quite certain that no other portrayal of Mary has been quite so wonderful.  Maybe I'm biased, but isn't that my job?

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