Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reece - 5 months

Dear Reece,

You turned 5 months old on January 21, 2012.  This month, we celebrated a lot!  Christmas was first up, followed by New Year's, the end of your first football season, and Daddy's birthday.

Needless to say, impressed is not the word to describe your reaction to the lights, presents, and festivities.  Don't worry though, your sisters had that covered.  Santa brought you a rocking horse, activity mat, and your first cars and trucks.  Daddy and i gave you your first pair of Nikes and some other stuff that you probably won't appreciate until you're old like us.  Grace and Emma Kate each picked out an animal rattle to give you. 

New Year's was next, and we rang it in on the Sleepy Town Train.  And, then we celebrated Daddy's birthday on January 13.
If you'll look back over your monthly letters, you'll see how I bragged on you for sleeping well.  Well, this is the month that ended.  Let me just say that it's a good thing you're so cute.  You had your first bite of baby cereal at the end of this month, which you really enjoyed.  Milk, cereal, you love it all!

Your hair that had fallen out after you were born, is really growing back now.  And, it's blonde!  I don't know if it'll stay that way, but for now, you're a fuzzy little towhead.  And, your eyes are still blue.  People comment how much you look like Grace and me.

I am enjoying every minute of being your mama.  I didn't realize how much our family needed you, but I think we're all taken aback by how much we love you. 

Happy 5 months, Baby Boy!

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