Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day - 2012

Valentine's Day has taken on a whole new meaning now that we have kids old enough to celebrate.  Justin and I try to show each other how much we love and appreciate each other throughout the year, so Valentine's is now about making it fun for the kids.

 Justin was traveling the week of Valentine's Day this year, so the kids and I made him a card the week before (gasp!).  Thank you, Pinterest.

And, we made heart hair.  Idea compliments of Pinterest. 

We made valentines for Grace's pre-k class and valentines for each girl to give out at Sunday School. Again, thank you, Pinterest. Are you sensing a theme?  No picture of the actual valentines, so how about 1 of my valentines? :)

Apparently, I forgot the lesson about gum chewing during pictures. Ahem, Grace.

So what do I love about my Valentines?  Here are a few things:

Grace - I love the dimple in her chin, the shape of her hands, the sweet mothering nature with which she approaches Reece.  I love her girly girl personality.  I love that she loves school, sparkle, and purses.  I love that she is so observant that she knows every detail of what everyone else is doing.  I love teaching her how to write and seeing the surprise and joy on her face as she learns.

Emma Kate - I love the pout of her lips and the color of her eyes.  I love that she is a ball of sass.  I love that I have to hold my breath because the words coming out of her mouth just might embarrass me or make me roll with laughter.  I love that she loves snuggling, making Reece laugh, and her new cowboy boots.  I love that despite loving skirts, she hates the way that tights "hug her legs".  I love that she takes pleasure in helping others and singing at the top of her lungs.  I love that she loves with no reservations.

Reece - I love the smell of his skin, how his eyelashes lay on his cheeks when his eyes are closed, and how he smiles with his whole face.  I love that he has found his toes.  I love that he can blow raspberries and make his sisters beam with just one look.  I love that he is a mama's boy.  I love that he knows the face and voice of his family members.  I love that he loves to be held.

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves. 

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