Friday, January 8, 2010

The Cast is Off!

On Wednesday, we took Emma Kate back to the orthopedic doctor to have her cast taken off.  It was a day our family has anticipated with great excitement.  If you don't know the story of the cast, it's a long one, but let's just say it involved a move that resembled the 2-step, 3 fractures in the forearm, 5 weeks in a red cast, and 1 guilt ridden daddy.

After asking how her arm got broken, everyone's next comment has been "Poor Justin!"  Poor Justin is right.  He has been upset, nauseous, and spoiling Emma Kate rotten.  It's like my mom put it to the x-ray technician.  Emma Kate will have it made for the next 15 years.

Emma Kate has actually handled the incident much better than her daddy.  She has acted as if the cast wasn't even there.  She developed great coping skills and new ways to use her little fingers.  And, yes, she learned quite quickly that her cast was a great weapon. She's got an awesome left hook

The doctor said her bone is completely healed and the bow in her forearm will straighten out on its own within 6 months.  She's already using it and building strength in it.  She's also loving having it rubbed on and scratched!  Obviously it's much easier to dress and undress her.  The best part of having the cast off has been real baths!  No more sponge baths or covering the cast with plastic and rubber bands! 

Here are a couple of pictures of her festive red cast.  How weird is it that I kept it?

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