Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Goals

Resolutions. Usually, I stay away from them like the plague because they are forgotten the first time I spot a piece of cake or that perfect pair of shoes. But I'm attempting them with a renewed attitude. I WILL keep them. At least for now. :) I've heard that by writing things down and by having an accountability partner you are more likely to keep resolutions. So that's exactly what I'm doing. My resolutions are typed out here and I'm counting on you all to keep me accountable.

1. Lose those extra 10 pounds
I think this one's been on every New Year's Resolution list I've ever made.

2. Be more frugal
No more frivolous spending from this Mama. I mean really, what kid needs 15 dresses for church for one season? And, I already have 3 pairs of black ballet flats in my closet. I do not need a fourth. I've been reading up on ways to save the family money by making small changes. A lot of them seem really doable so I'll be sharing some my family is trying soon.

3. Be a more patient mama
If you've ever spent more than 10 minutes with my kiddos, you know why this one made the list. I've always said whoever keeps my girls has to love them otherwise, the arrangement won't last more than a day. We've been blessed to have my mom, my granny, and some great ladies from our church keep Grace and Emma Kate while I'm at work. Thank goodness for these saints! The antics the girls put me through are hilarious (as I've been informed of by my mom) to the outsider, but when you're the mama, patience is on the daily, no make that hourly prayer list. Some recent events that have made me realize more patience is a must are as follows:
  • My yellow dining room walls now have blue accents thanks to the colored pencils that were a present from Mimi and Papa. I suppose the upside is that the artist chose a complimenting color.
  • The playroom rug needed "to be made pretty" according to aforementioned artist so she gave it a makeover with purple eyeshadow. We can thank an aunt and uncle for that lovely present.
  • Speaking of makeup, the little sister also has an infatuation with cosmetics. Between the two of them, I have come into the bathroom on more than one occasion to find powder on the floor, mascara from ear to ear, lipstick on everything but the lips (I haven't had a tube of lipstick without teeth marks in who knows how long), and nail polish on every surface (I've got to choose a color other than Fiesta Red).
  • Another walk into the bathroom found a certain toddler holding a certain Mama's dripping toothbrush. Said toddler proclaimed that the toilet was sparkling clean. Ummmm, that's how you know it's time for a new toothbrush.
  • And let's not forget the nights spent trying to get one if not both girls to sleep 3 hours past bedtime only to be woken up before dawn to the sounds of "I need to tee tee" or "I want some milk" or "We've had a good night's sleep; now it's time to get up" or my personal favorite "Waahhhhh". Apparently, Justin and I are the perfect recipe for fun because Grace and Emma Kate seem to not want to miss a moment with us.
  • Last but not least, are the tantrums with a side of whine. The terrible two's definitely did not wait until the 2nd birthday in our house. Remind me that they will not last forever.
Exhibits A and B

Keep checking The Business of Being Mama to see how well I stick to these resolutions. Drop me a line to keep me in check!

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