Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet the Mama

As with all new relationships, introductions are a must. So, here goes...

I am Laura. Child of God, wife to my high school sweetheart Justin, mama to Grace and Emma Kate, teacher to 20 first graders, graduate student, cook, maid, tear wiper, craft lover, baby doll dresser, nursery rhyme reciter, bath giver, and toddler rocker. I love all things family.

I have dreamed of being a mommy since I was a little girl. I can remember playing with my baby dolls, making lists of baby names, and combing through catalogs selecting nursery decor and layette. What I did not dream were the sleepless nights, teething tablets, never ending diaper changes, or temper tantrums that come along with the name. And I certainly couldn't comprehend the joy of watching your little one take her first step, hearing "mama" for the first or the millionth time, the feeling of providing nourishment and comfort to these precious creations, or loving another person so much it brings tears to your eyes every time you try to wrap your mind around why God would bless you so much.

After Justin and I were married in August 2004 and way before having children were on our radar, I began praying for my future children. I asked God to bring them safely into the world, to help Justin and me rise to whatever challenge He had in store for our family, and to help us to be Godly parents. I prayed and continue to pray for the hearts of our children. It is my desire that my children give their lives to Jesus Christ, for them to have a true understanding of the power that He can have in their lives, and for them to keep God as the center of their lives. I have also prayed for the future spouses of my children. I continue to thank the almighty Father for every blessing He has provided and pray for guidance as a Godly mother.

When I began these prayers several years ago, I had no idea the blessings that God would grant me in my children. These blessings came in the form of Sassy Grace and Sweet Emma Kate. Grace is an almost 3 year old with more spunk in her pinkie than most contain in their whole bodies. She keeps us rolling with her quick wit and grand imagination. Grace loves baby dolls, books, singing, and anything girly. She is my conversationalist, my shopping buddy, and my right hand gal. Stay tuned for many Grace tales! A year and a half later Emma Kate was born. She is now 15 months and is the sensitivity to Grace's sass. Emma Kate is expanding her vocabulary daily, beginning to explore toddlerhood, loves following after her big sister (or staying on my heels), and showing her affection with hugs and snuggles. She is my soft hearted baby and my snuggle buddy.

My hopes for this blog are to give insight about all the roles of a mother and share the laughs and challenges that come along with it. I'll be peeking out from behind Mt. Laundry or jump on between tripping over toys and attempting a healthy meal for my brood to update frequently about the business of being Mama.

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