Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Room for Big Girls

The Big Girl Room.  Oh, the Big Girl Room.  This is perhaps the most talked about room in all the rooms I have ever had a hand in planning and decorating.  Why?  Because it's taken over a year to plan and convince the big girls that it was a good thing.  Actually, convincing them that a big girl room is fun was easy.  Convincing them that big girls sleep in their own room was a whole different story!  Finally, it is finished and easily my favorite room in the house.

At dinner the night it was completed, Grace decided she wouldn't sleep in the big girl room that night.  She proclaimed that she would sleep in it when she was four.  Well, since 4 was a mere 7 nights away, I agreed to her plan.  It has now been a week, and the big girls are actually doing it!  After a bed time song, prayers, and kisses, Grace and Emma Kate discuss the important things in life such as clothes and flip flops (I mean, they are my daughters) while drifting off to sleepy town.

I wanted their room to be feminine without being too "theme-y"  After 2 coats of pixie dust pink, pink tutus on the wall, and pink tulle bed skirts, I'd say we definitely achieved feminine. :)

The bedding on their little twin beds were the first thing chosen and were a gift from Mimi.  The girls love the sweet little fairies on the sheets.  I wanted wall letters for their name, but didn't want them simply painted, so I recovered them in fabric.

The hard working Daddy sanded, refinished and added new drawer pulls to the dresser that sat in my childhood bedroom.

This little tree might be my pride and joy of the room.  I sketched and painted the trunk and limbs, and adhered fabric leaves.

Emma Kate's favorite color is orange.  She has been saying for weeks that she wants an orange room, so since I can't bear the thoughts of 4 orange walls, I came up with this little idea of a way to remember my itty bitties the way they were when the room was created.  Hand prints in each girls' favorite color.

Hopefully it's normal that they've slept better than I have this past week.  Even though it is way past time they were sleeping in their own beds, I have to admit that I miss having them at my finger tips throughout the night...


  1. It turned out beautifully. Great job, I love it.

  2. So pretty! I LOVE your tree, and their tiny little handprints (what a fabulous idea!)

  3. WOW. Amazing job! Love it all. Can I come spend the night?!?!?!

  4. It turned out beautiful- I love it!

  5. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the bedding?