Sunday, April 10, 2011

Before I was your Mama

Before I was your mama, I was a little girl.  I had a room with pink walls with matching blue and pink floral wallpaper.  My white iron bed sat in front of my window.  I used to love sitting on my bed looking out my window at the daffodils my Papa gave me.

Before I was your mama, my favorite toys were baby dolls.  I loved taking care of Emily Suzanne and my other babies.

Before I was your mama, I had a pair of little blue jelly shoes that I wore everywhere.  When Mimi thought they had seen better days, she tried to throw them away.  Papa got them out of the trash, and they are now one of my favorite keepsakes from my childhood.

Before I was your mama, I had arguments with Mimi about what I would wear.  When I refused to wear a romper to school in first grade, she had Uncle Jamie tell me that all the girls in high school wore rompers.

Before I was your mama, I loved reading, swimming, riding my bike and 4-wheeler, and playing outside.  The first story I read myself was about roller skates.  My favorite books were the Babysitters Club series.

Before I was your mama, I tried to pick up a worm to impress some classmates.  I laid a finger on it, got completely grossed out, and haven't touched a worm or a bug since.

Before I was your mama, I cleaned out and reorganized my Granddaddy's garage for him one summer.  He couldn't find anything, but had nothing but praise for my help.

Before I was your mama, I spent summers at Granny and Granddaddy's and at the pool.

Before I was your mama, I got my first cd player one Christmas.  My first cd's were Bon Jovi and Reba McEntire.  Talk about diverse tastes...

Before I was your mama, Mimi and I would stay up late working on school projects.  Later, we stayed up late working on wedding plans.

Before I was your mama, I loved going to the movies and shopping with my friends.  Papa thought I stayed on the telephone way too much.  I thought that's what he got a second phone line for.

Before I was your mama, I dreamed of being a mama.  Now that I am YOUR mama, I can say with certainty that my dreams have been surpassed, and I could have never imagined what joy and honor that you, my Sunshines would bring me.