Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Because Santa visits were such a royal mess in the past, I had never even brought up visiting the Easter  Bunny.  I mean, if you don't like a grandfatherly guy with rosy cheeks, I could only imagine the heebie jeebies an oversized rabbit could evoke.  But, when Grace asked about him, I thought, "Sure, why not?  Surely we're past that phase."  And we were past it.  Right up to the point when Emma Kate's eyes fell upon Mr. Easter Bunny.  That's when things started to fall apart.  Grace was game, so, I pried Emma Kate out of the stroller thinking she just needed a little extra coaxing or maybe a bribe with candy (Hey, I never said I was a perfect Mama.).  Grace, the big girl, climbed up beside the Bunny.  "Beside" is the key word.  As Emma Kate screamed "NOOO!" I realized the only way we would get a picture was if I sat down too.  As I sat down, the EB pulled Grace onto his lap.  As quickly as he pulled her up, she slid down his other knee and dug her finger nails in my arm.  At this point, the realization set in that we were a mess of princess sized tears, flails, and death grips.  So through smiling, gritted teeth, I growled "Snap it.  Snap it!"  I figured if the photographer thought his stuffed frog with jingle bells was going to turn this catostrophe around, he was sadly mistaken. 

Here is the result of the Bramlett Girls' first (and possibly last) Easter Bunny visit.

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