Thursday, April 28, 2011

A First Letter

To My Little Boy:

After weeks of anticipation, we found out last week that you are a boy.  A "he".  We are overjoyed that you, YOU, are joining our family.  We've known for what seems like forever that another precious baby was on the way, but knowing that it is you, Baby Boy, that is on the way makes it seem all the more real.  Even before we found out you were a boy, I had your nursery planned out (now the real test is whether you sleep in it more than your sisters did their's) and your name chosen.  But now that the ultrasound confirmed a boy is baking, I can picture your trucks in the play room, your little blue layette, and your dirt stained knees.

Even though I have yet to hold you, or gaze in your eyes, or kiss your cheeks, and even though I don't yet know the shape of your lips or the color of your hair, or the sound of your cry, I am learning more about you every day.  I know that you are growing.  The little flutters that I began feeling weeks ago are turning into full blown kicks.  During the ultrasound, we watched you flip your little self in complete circles.  Now that I can feel you all over my tummy, I like to imagine your acrobatics.  I also know that you like Cadbury Eggs as much as I do for it doesn't take long for your little feet to get busy after I eat one.  And, I know that you are active in the late evening.  I can't wait to lay down each evening and wait for your tumbling to begin.

Something else I know is that you have 2 big sisters who are anticipating your arrival probably more than I am.  At first, they weren't so sure they were game for a little brother, but as soon as Daddy and I told them they would indeed be receiving a baby brother, they have launched into full on excitement.  Grace and Emma Kate each kiss "Baby Boy" every night at bedtime right between prayers and being tucked in.

So far my experience as a Mama has been filled with pink, tutus, princesses, and nail polish which has come easy.  More than one person has told me, no, warned me that my world is about to be rocked with the arrival of a little boy.  Even though it makes me a little nervous, I'm ready for the rough and tumble, the mud pies, the "snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails".  I am ready for you.

Long before we knew it was a little boy that would be joining our family, we had your name chosen.  It's been our "boy name" for so long, that part of me was afraid it would wear out it's appeal.  But, now that it is your name, I love it all the more.  Your name is important to us.  It is filled with meaning, and it was meant just for you.  Your name is Reece Paul.  Reece is my mama's maiden name.  Paul is your Daddy's middle name, his daddy's name, and his grandfather's name.  You are named after many people who are important to us.  Many people who have had great impact, many people we love.  I hope you will be as proud of your name as we are to give it to you.

Precious Reece, though we have yet to look upon your face or cuddle you, you are already so very loved.  From the minute we knew of your impending arrival, we loved you.  And now, that we are anticipating our Reece, we love you more and more each day.  We can't wait for your arrival and pray for you daily.


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